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I’m a science journalist for Spanish-speaking outlets in Colombia and USA. I write about biology, health, basic research, #OpenScience, science policy, science in Latin America and Europe and, lately, #COVID19 among other topics. Please find some examples of my work at the end of this text.

Briefly, this is what I do:

  • Science journalism: writing pieces on scientific issues for traditional media (English or Spanish);
  • Create science communication materials (for web, video, audio and printed formats) and organise outreach activities such as science cafes, seminars, talks, workshops, etc;
  • Tailored communication strategies to the general public or to especializad audiences.

My work in science communication is to help scientists to communicate their research to lay and specialised audiences. I propose a clear 
showing and communicating 
results and the science behind the research. I help to identify the key aspects to be told, create and develop a story and, finally, measuring its impact.

To do this I 
with scientists, press offices, marketing and communication managers, IT teams, journalists and media producers, agencies, designers and programmers, 

I also offer science communication strategies aimed to help research institutes and scientists to effectively communicate their results. I’ve also worked on the Impact / ‘Communication and Dissemination activities‘ sections for Horizon 2020 projects by creating, implementing and reporting (mid-term and final) a communication strategy for the projects 4DHeart, ScienceSquared, CommHERE and EuroStemcell.

Regarding organising outreach activities such as Science cafes, to name just a few:

POSTPONED! MARCH 11th in Brussels
El coronavirus está aquí, ¿y ahora, qué? – With physician and microbiologist Emmanuel André from KULeuven at the Instituto Cervantes in Brussels.

POSTPONED! MARCH 17th in Brussels
Bioética. ¿Acortar la vida o acortar la muerte? – With Jacqueline Herremans, president of the “Association pour le droit de mourir dans la dignité”; doctor Marc Desmet, member of the Jesuit order & Marie Nagy, member of the parliament & co-author of the law of euthanasia in 2003. At the Instituto Cervantes in Brussels.

Other previous events with the Communications team at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG):

Please feel free to contact me if you need a journalistic piece, a science communication strategy or to moderate an event (either in Spanish or English).

Examples of Press Releases:

Examples of interaction Art-Science:


In the roles of press officer, science communicator and responsible for outreach activities, project manager, editor, journalist and translator, I have worked with:

Embajada de España Spain Arts & Culture             




And collaborated with:
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Max-Planck-Gesellschaft         embl-logo        Logo_Inserm

Please see more detailed examples of my work and education in my Linkedin profile. 

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