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I’m a science journalist for Spanish-speaking outlets in Colombia and USA. I write about biology, health, basic research, #OpenScience, science policy, science in Latin America and Europe and, lately, #COVID19 among other topics. Please find some examples of my work at the end of this text.

Briefly, this is what I do:

  • Science journalism: writing pieces on scientific issues for traditional media (English or Spanish);
  • Create science communication materials (for web, video, audio and printed formats) and organise outreach activities such as science cafes, seminars, talks, workshops, etc;
  • Tailored communication strategies to the general public or to especializad audiences.

My work in science communication is to help scientists to communicate their research to lay and specialised audiences. I propose a clear 
showing and communicating 
results and the science behind the research. I help to identify the key aspects to be told, create and develop a story and, finally, measuring its impact.

To do this I 
with scientists, press offices, marketing and communication managers, IT teams, journalists and media producers, agencies, designers and programmers, 

I also offer science communication strategies aimed to help research institutes and scientists to effectively communicate their results. I’ve also worked on the Impact / ‘Communication and Dissemination activities‘ sections for Horizon 2020 projects by creating, implementing and reporting (mid-term and final) a communication strategy for the projects 4DHeart, ScienceSquared, CommHERE and EuroStemcell.

Outreach activities (science cafes, webinars, online conferences)

Webinar: “What does being a science communicator mean?” with the Spanish Scientists in Belgium (CEBE). June 3rd, 2020

Conference: “Vela Oceànica i Ciencia: un binomio win-win” Ciclo de Conversaciones Oceánicas de la Fundació per la Navegació Oceànica Barcelona (FNOB) – 21 January 2021

Video:Ciencia en Belgica Cap 2: Virólogos” (with english subtitles). With Joan Martí Carreras, a PhD student in virology at the REGA Institute of KU Leuven with Dr. Piet Maes.

Video: Ciencia en Bélgica: ciencia, innovación y tecnología hechas Bélgica en español para todo el mundo” (with english subtitles). This series is about science, innovation, and technology made Belgium in Spanish for the whole world. Follow #SPreadScience in Twitter

Live conference: El coronavirus está aquí, ¿y ahora, qué? – With physician and microbiologist Emmanuel André from KULeuven at the Instituto Cervantes in Brussels. POSTPONED! MARCH 11th in Brussels

Live conference: Bioética. ¿Acortar la vida o acortar la muerte? – With Jacqueline Herremans, president of the “Association pour le droit de mourir dans la dignité”; doctor Marc Desmet, member of the Jesuit order & Marie Nagy, member of the parliament & co-author of the law of euthanasia in 2003. At the Instituto Cervantes in Brussels. POSTPONED! MARCH 11th in Brussels

Other previous events with the Communications team at the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG):

Please feel free to contact me if you need a journalistic piece, a science communication strategy or to moderate an event (either in Spanish or English).
Medscape en Español:

Examples of Press Releases and scicomm examples from institutions:

Examples of interaction Art-Science:


In the roles of press officer, science communicator and responsible for outreach activities, project manager, editor, journalist and translator, I have worked with:

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And collaborated with:
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Please see more detailed examples of my work and education in my Linkedin profile. 

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